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I want to modify / customize a plan

Have you found your dream home among the Drummond House Plans collection, would you like to make some changes like add a garage, or a bright sunny room, maybe you want to increase the total square footage or simply modify some interior divisions?

As the original designers for most of the house plans on this website we are able to make all your requested changes directly on the CAD drawings making the Drummond House Plans modification department the most efficient and affordable way for you to customize your chosen house plan. Our specialized home designers & technologists are able to guide you through the modifications process while offering their ideas and recommendations in order to meet your requirements.

How to obtain a FREE estimate

Once you have chosen the plan that best reflects your needs and style provide the changes you wish to make to the house plan by filling in and submitting the online checklist OR download the checklist (in PDF format) and fax it in at 1-866-444-2571. You can also scan and email the form to us at

If you have questions about your changes or simply wish to order your FREE house plan modification estimate by telephone then simply call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-567-5267 and dial option 7 and mention that you would like to make some modifications on a chosen plan. We will answer any questions you may have and we will send you the checklist via email, fax or mail.
You will receive your FREE Cost Estimate within 24 to 48 hours (2 business days). This is an interactive service therefore feel free to provide sketches and drawings. To give you an idea of some modification charges, please refer to our "How Much Do My Modifications Cost?" section. You can also review examples of actual Drummond house plans that were modified by our customization team. Please, click on our Home Photo Gallery of modified house plans, to see 5 beautiful examples.

To obtain a full custom design exclusive house plan, drawn up entirely on a made-to-measure basis for you, please refer to our website under the section called "Custom Design Services".