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Plan modification services
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House Photo Gallery of modified plans
--> Plan W4151
--> Plan W3935
--> Plan W3926
--> Plan W3876
--> Plan W3862-V1
--> Plan W3852
--> Plan W3828
--> Plan W3820
--> Plan W3804
--> Plan W3714
--> Plan W3713-V1
--> Plan W3506
--> Plan W3412
--> Plan W3410
--> Plan W3226-V2
--> Plan W3133-V1
--> Plan W2945
--> Plan W2889
--> Plan W2861
--> Plan W2829
--> Plan W2818
--> Plan W2749
--> Plan W2296
--> Plan W2163-V2
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Receive your FREE plan modification estimate in 3 EASY steps

1 Choose the home plan that correspond the closest to your needs.
2 Provide the changes that you wish to make to the house plans by filling in and submitting the online checklist, OR download the checklist (in PDF Format), and fax it in at 1-866-444-2571 OR email it to us at Please feel free to provide sketches and drawings.
3 Within the next 24 to 48** hours (2 work days) following the reception of your completed modification checklist, we will send you a free estimate of the costs for these plan modifications.

** Terms subject to change without notice.

--> Fill in the on-line checklist
--> Obtain the checklist in PDF format

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