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House photo W3235-V2 - Kitchen
House photo W3235-V2 - Foyer
House photo W3235-V2 - Dining room
House photo W3235-V2 - Bathroom
House photo W3235-V2 - Living room
House photo W3235-V2 - front
House plan W3235-V2
Affordable one storey transitional style ranch house plan with unfinished basement

Following close evaluation of the most popular modifications to plan 3235 requested by Drummond House Plans’ clients, our designer developed the interior of this model to meet the needs of many of its future buyers.

The main feature is the relocation of the staircase which adds almost two feet to the width of the garage and nearly three feet to the living room’s width thus permitting the addition of a corner fireplace.

The change from three bedrooms to two offers space for a laundry area on the main floor that’s complete with storage and a counter. The kitchen’s unique styling offers ample counter space and a full width island. The bathroom boasts a larger shower and the attractive covered terrace, accessible from the dining room, maintains its dimensions.

The eye catching curb appeal of this home is enhanced by the addition of stone work on the front face and the darker shades for doors and windows add a refreshing, dramatic touch.
Plan W3235-V2
House plan W3235-V2 - 1st level