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House photo W3133-V1 - Kitchen
House photo W3133-V1 - Foyer
House photo W3133-V1 - Sitting room
House photo W3133-V1 - front
House photo W3133-V1 - front
House photo W3133-V1 - front
House photo W3133-V1 - front
House plan W3133-V1
Transitional style house plan - economical home design with open floor plan concept

Inspired by the popular plan 3133, this version is particularly suited to those for whom the convenience of having everything on the same level, whether due to advanced age or other considerations, takes precedence over the number of bedrooms required.

The three bedrooms of the original plan become two as the third is replaced with a laundry/utility room in which a large counter complete with sink and place for a separate freezer are practical features that are sure to be appreciated by the occupants.

Naturally, this "baby boomer" approach includes the addition of a nicely sized garage that has service entrances in the front and rear with direct access to the basement. The 100 square feet added to the main level enhances the comfort and size of the rooms including an open, well fenestrated activities area complete with a fireplace in the center. Another wonderful feature of this plan is the abundant storage space and kitchen island. There is a practical, double vanity in a bathroom that boasts a separate, corner tub an a 3' x 6' shower enclosure.

A well considered choice for homeowners who know what they want!
Plan W3133-V1
House plan W3133-V1 - 1st level
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House photo W3133-V1 - front
House photo W3133-V1 - front