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House photo W2085-V1 - Bedroom
House photo W2085-V1 - Dining room
House plan W2085-V1
Semi-detached with distinct differences

Designed from the very popular plan [url =] 2085 [/ url], this version includes a modified “craftsman” style exterior. Shingle siding and stone provide a more organic presence and distinctive entries provide a welcome to each unit.

Inside, an open concept floor plan creates the feeling of space in the activities areas. The left unit includes a laundry area in the bathroom (thus sacrificing a bit of bedroom space) while the second unit allows for a more spa-like atmosphere with a corner spa tub. The master bedrooms enjoy private bathroom access and separation from the secondary bedroom due to the placement of the bathroom.

Well-separated patio placement allows a more intimate outdoor space for each unit.

An alternate version, 2085-V2 boasts a contemporary exterior and modified interior.
Plan W2085-V1
House plan W2085-V1 - 1st level
Other project
House photo W2085-V1 - front