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House plan W3413-V1
Popular Cottage Revisited

This was realized with the idea of simplifying the exterior volumes and adding living square footage to the original version of 3413, which you may view at It even has more room with close to an additional 250 sq. ft. and is substantially better built with brick on all four elevations. Also, bricks/stones cover the main fa├žade and regular brick covers the balance, replacing the acrylic coating on the original 3413.

On the ground floor, the enlargement gives even more comfort to the dining room, therefore giving more storage space to the kitchen. Note that the living room keeps its original format which is both distinctive and impressive with its 18 foot ceiling. The fireplace, initially planned on the party wall of the living room and the dining room, is relocated in a corner in order to enlarge the opening between the two rooms. This also has the purpose of giving more lighting in the activity area.
Plan W3413-V1
House plan W3413-V1 - 1st level
House plan W3413-V1 - 2nd level