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House photo W2195 - Kitchen
House photo W2195 - Bathroom
House plan W2195
Brightly lit, country style Craftsman bungalow

Here is a beautiful model that exudes classic style with its balance of volumes. This home offers many practical features for which the demand is constantly increasing thus allowing it to blend in well with its neighbors.

The covered porch is nestled into a recess and protects from inclement weather and the stylish size and location of the chimney makes a unique statement while enhancing curb appeal. Brick stone work is combined with shingles to create a high end look with the convenience of low maintenance materials.

A large closet in the main entrance foyer offers abundant storage space. The cozy feeling of the living room is enhanced by a lovely, central fireplace. The well appointed kitchen and dining room are bated in abundant natural light and the rear orientation maximizes the full view of the back yard through triple patio doors.

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Plan W2195
House plan W2195 - 1st level