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House photo W3815 - Kitchen
House photo W3815 - Sitting room
House photo W3815 - Master suite
House plan W3815
Outaouais’ 2005 Expo Habitat Home

Ever growing in popularity, this house answers very well to today’s demands for narrow lot homes, as well as answering to many municipalities’ requirements for a brick facade. This is probably what retained the attention of the people in the Outaouais region, who made it their 2005 Expo Habitat Home. Let’s go inside and satisfy our curiosity.

We enter the heart of this home through a large and bright foyer to a comfortable and well fenestrated living room, a spacious shower room with laundry facilities, and a large kitchen with breakfast area and a dining area which also gives access to the garage. The garage, for its part, has access to the basement, a feature much appreciated by homeowners. Let’s go now to the second level.

We first notice that the location of the stairs assures a maximization of space by minimizing hallway space. We also see three interesting bedrooms, each with appreciable storage, and most particularly the main bedroom where the large closet can easily be converted to a walk-in type. A bathroom including a corner shower and bathtub perfectly completes this level.
Plan W3815
House plan W3815 - 1st level
House plan W3815 - 2nd level