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Licensing Program for House Designers & Residential Design Professionals

Couple with Sylvain
Drummond House Plans' designs
License to reproduce or modify Drummond House Plans' designs

Copying or reproducing another company's house design is illegal. Making minor or major changes and calling the plan you own is against the law. On the other hand, Drummond House Plans supports your efforts to inspire your clients so we've created a solution that will benefit all of us:

SOLUTION: You can now purchase a *license allowing you to reproduce or modify a Drummond house plan. Then, you can begin offering to your clients selections from our house plan collection.

Here is an example of a plan inspired by Drummond House Plans, as seen on this website. A license is required before you can use this design with your clients.
• Drummond Designs' model as seen in our magazines and on our website
Plan W3816 Illustration
• Drummond Designs' model
Plan W3816 Original
• Drummond Designs' model modified legally by a professional, who purchased a license Plan W3816 Modified
--> What You Need to Know about Copyright Law
It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, even partially, any Drummond House Plans' house design, including floor plans and elevations.

Just like books, movies and songs, the copyright laws protect the intellectual property of architects and home designers by giving copyright protection on home plans and designs. This legal safeguard exists to protect all parties. The copyright laws prevent anyone from reproducing, modifying or reusing the plans or designs without permission of the copyright owner.

Legal Solution:
Drummond House Plans' licensing solution offers you the option to inspire your clients, lawfully. With our license, you receive permission to select from our premier collection of more than 900 house plans, cottage and garage designs, all in various styles and sizes.

To purchase a license to reproduce or modify any of our designs, or for more
information, please contact our customer service at
1-800-567-5267 x115

Licenses include:
• The right to reproduce or modify a Drummond Designs' house plan, for one customer and one house only
• A .pdf document of the house plan including elevations and floor plans without structures and without dimensions (not to scale). Upon request.

*License for advertisement is not included.
*Prices for the licenses are based on the total square footage of the house models.