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Plan W2975-19 - The Pottery Port 2
Single car garage plan with 24 ft. depth, traditional style

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3 set of blueprints
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Foundation type
Floating Slab
19' 0" ft / 5.7 m
24' 0" ft / 7.2 m
Ridge height from top of foundation
19' 3" ft / 5.78 m
Exterior wall
2 X 6
Total living area
715 sq.ft. / 64.35 sq.m.
1st level
456 sq.ft. / 41.04 sq.m.
2nd level
259 sq.ft. / 23.31 sq.m.
Full baths
Half baths
Garage type
One-car garage (456 sq.ft. / 41.04 sq.m.)
Living bonus space
259 sq.ft. / 23.31 sq.m.
Bonus storage
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front - BASE MODEL
W2975-19 - front - BASE MODEL
1st level
View room details : 1st level »
1st level Single car garage plan with 24 ft. depth, traditional style - The Pottery Port 2
2nd level
View room details : 2nd level »
2nd level Single car garage plan with 24 ft. depth, traditional style - The Pottery Port 2
Plan Styles
Bold brickwork!
Designed and illustrated in a style to complement traditional brick houses, this single-car garage provides pleasing proportions for vehicle parking and a bit of workspace to spare. A staircase leads to bonus storage above – perfect for storage of seasonal items.
Plan description
Distinctive elements
Legal Notices
This house plan is protected by Copyright Law.
Illustrations and photos may differ slightly from the plan that you will receive. They may include modifications to conform with new building codes, suit homeowners' preferences or site requirements.
Questions or Comments on this plan
  1. Jesse Hooge 10 August 2012

    I am interested in this plan but have building code restrictions of a max of 10' side wall and 20' max pitch height. I see the pitch height is ok but want to be sure on the side wall height before purchasing. Thank you for your help.

    • Service à la clientele 10 August 2012

      Good day and thank you for taking the time to write.

      The height of the actual wall is 10' plus 8" from the top of the foundation. The pitch height is 19' 3" from the top of the foundation.

      Please let me know if I can further assist you.



  2. dave 16 May 2011

    can this plan be modified to 20ft wide instead of 19? why does this plan(19x24) have smaller square footage in 2nd floor compared to the 16x24 plan? what size garage door is suggested for the 19X24 plan?

    • Customer service 19 May 2011

      Dear Dave,

      Thank you for your interest in Drummond House Plans.

      The knee wall is lower for plan 2975-19 than for plan 2975-16. That is why there is less square footage for plan 2975-19. The garage door is 12' x7'. Please contact me again if you need further information. I will gladly answer any questions you may have.

      Best Regards,

      Doreen, Customer Service Department

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