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Plan W2198 - Provence 3
Empty nester one bedroom cottage style home, affordable, functional, one full bathroom, 9' ceiling

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Average Construction Cost
140 000 to 170 000
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Foundation type
Crawl space
36' 4" ft / 10.9 m
36' 4" ft / 10.9 m
Ridge height from top of foundation
21' 6" ft / 6.45 m
Exterior wall
2 X 6
Total living area
1134 sq.ft. / 102.06 sq.m.
1st level
1134 sq.ft. / 102.06 sq.m.
Full baths
Half baths
Garage type
Living bonus space
Bonus storage
front - BASE MODEL
W2198 - front - BASE MODEL
1st level
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1st level Empty nester one bedroom cottage style home, affordable, functional, one full bathroom, 9' ceiling - Provence 3
Plan Styles
Plan description
Closed foyer with coat closet, family room, bathroom, master bedroom, laundry facilities, kitchen and dining area.
Distinctive elements
Nicely organized interior with sufficient kitchen space and excellent storage facilities. Functional and superb bathroom. Lovely covered balcony on the side.
Legal Notices
This house plan is protected by Copyright Law.
Illustrations and photos may differ slightly from the plan that you will receive. They may include modifications to conform with new building codes, suit homeowners' preferences or site requirements.
Questions or Comments on this plan
  1. Darlene 9 February 2015

    Please tell me what the two squares are in the living area. Are the support posts? Also can you tell me where the supporting walls are because i would like open concept.

    • Customer service 9 February 2015

      Good day and thank you for your interest in this plan.

      The two squares in the living room represent end tables but are for illustration purposes only and are not built in pieces.

      There are no bearing walls so you can open up the floor plan as best suits your needs. The support comes from floor joists below the main floor.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions or comments.

  2. Saddat 5 March 2012

    Hello i need home plans

    • Customer service 5 March 2012

      Good day

      There are more than 1000 home plans on our web site.

      From the home page at
      you can look for the plan that will best suit your needs by style or by feature such as number of bedrooms, number of floors, with or without a garage, etc.

      There is also an advanced search engine which will let you search according to details such as number of square feet.

      Please let me know if I can assist you futher.



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