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Plan W4571 - Beausejour 2
Scandinavian style house plan, 3 bedrooms, kitchen booth, economical home to build, covered porches

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Average Construction Cost
140 000 to 170 000
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Foundation type
Full Basement
33' 0" ft / 9.9 m
26' 0" ft / 7.8 m
Ridge height from top of foundation
26' 4" ft / 7.9 m
Exterior wall
2 X 6
Total living area
1597 sq.ft. / 143.73 sq.m.
1st level
858 sq.ft. / 77.22 sq.m.
2nd level
739 sq.ft. / 66.51 sq.m.
Full baths
Half baths
Garage type
Living bonus space
Bonus storage
front - BASE MODEL
W4571 - front - BASE MODEL
1st level
View room details : 1st level »
1st level Scandinavian style house plan, 3 bedrooms, kitchen booth, economical home to build, covered porches - Beausejour 2
2nd level
View room details : 2nd level »
2nd level Scandinavian style house plan, 3 bedrooms, kitchen booth, economical home to build, covered porches - Beausejour 2
Plan Styles
Plan description
1st level: Entry hall with coat closet, large family room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen, half bath, laundry room. 2nd level: master bedroom with walk-in, 2 secondary bedrooms, full bathroom.
Distinctive elements
Covered wraparound porch on front and left elevations, built-ins, special ceiling treatments, skylight. Fireplace and double masonry chimney. The chimney is standard with a prefab conduit inside.
Legal Notices
This house plan is protected by Copyright Law.
Illustrations and photos may differ slightly from the plan that you will receive. They may include modifications to conform with new building codes, suit homeowners' preferences or site requirements.
Questions or Comments on this plan
  1. Clyde Bridger 27 April 2010

    I very much like this house plan but I'm curious about the height of the knee walls on the second floor because I'm over six foot tall. How high are they? Also, I can envision in my mind this house plan with a Dutch Gambrel (barn style) roof instead of the gable roof shown (floor layout would remain the same). The lower slope would have a 16:12 or 18:12 pitch and the upper slope would have a 6:12 pitch. Have a narrow dormer on the front where the skylight is now shown. The pitch on the dormer roof would also be 6:12 and it would blend in with the upper roof slope, as an extension of the upper slope. The same would be true of the wide dormer at the rear over the bathroom. This type of roof would provide more volume and headroom over a larger area I think, and it would make a nice variation for your plan portfolio as well. What do you think of this idea? Is it doable? One more thing, I would have a double hung window on each side of the fireplace, but spaced a bit further apart than the windows in the bedroom above.

    • Customer service 29 April 2010

      Dear Mr Bridger,

      Thank you for your interest in Drummond House Plans.

      The knee walls are both at 3'-7". We submitted the modifications you want done to the plan to our technical department and they advised that they are all doable.

      If you would like to receive a cost estimate for these modifications, please visit the "Plan modification Services" section of our website.

      Do not hesitate to contact us again if you need further information.

      Best Regards,

      Customer Service Department

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