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Renovation addition of balcony or patio

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Plan W5724 Renovation details »
Before After
Renovation W5724 - Before
Renovation W5724 - After
Customer requirements:
Build a sun room extension on the rear side to provide more lighting in the kitchen-dinette area. Provide an exterior door for the new patio in harmony with the expansion and the existing one.
Plan W5556 Renovation details »
Before After
Renovation W5556 - Before
Renovation W5556 - After
Customer requirements:
Add a garage large enough for two cars and an atrium, taking into account the existing access to the basement. Preserve the Charlevoix cachet of the actual residence. The project should also include a shaded patio.
Plan W5268 Renovation details »
Before After
Renovation W5268 - Before
Renovation W5268 - After
Customer requirements:
Rejuvenate the overall appearance of the house by giving it a country style.
Plan W5181 Renovation details »
Before After
Renovation W5181 - Before
Renovation W5181 - After
Customer requirements:
Remodel in part the ground floor to gain an entrance with a large dressing room, a dedicated laundry room, a large master suite with an oversized closet and a solarium with a built-in spa. Also, increase the square footage to gain four bedrooms, a second den and a bathroom.
Plan W5165 Renovation details »
Before After
Renovation W5165 - Before
Renovation W5165 - After
Customer requirements:
Convert the back concrete stoop into a glass walled sun room with an outside deck for a table and the BBQ. Add a carport to the house with a covered access to the sun room.
Plan W5175 Renovation details »
Before After
Renovation W5175 - Before
Renovation W5175 - After
Customer requirements:
Revamp the house while keeping the architecture simple befitting the neighbourhood. Add a gallery of good proportions and perhaps even a gazebo to make good use of the orientation but without any aluminum columns.
46 plans found on 3 pages    < Previous 123