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Renovation W5382 - Before
Pointe du Lac
Types of renovation
New home space addition
Home exterior makeovers
Customer requirements
Give the house a grand style more fitting of its location along the St. Lawrence River. At the same time, make a little room for expansion in order to accommodate a desk, an exercise machine and a guest room and improve the windows on the back to better enjoy the river view.
Report of the technologist
Seeing this magnificent site, we had no choice but to give this home a makeover worthy of a waterfront property. On the river side, we added some cathedral windows for maximum view. This resulted in a glassed space in the living / dining room, which the owners can now enjoy. The atmosphere created gives the impression of living outdoors all year so the view is always interesting. Of course, the four sides have been reworked in order to harmonize the changes and new landscaping provides the finishing touch.
Renovation W5382 - After
Renovation W5382 - Enlarged main level