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Renovation W5374 - Before
Types of renovation
New home space addition
Addition of second floor
Home exterior makeovers
Customer requirements
Since the family is growing, living space becomes a serious issue. Four bedrooms, a master suite included and a comfortable bathroom are required. A second story is the answer. Take the opportunity to remodel the exterior of the house.
Report of the technologist
This is a very interesting project since the house is of the multi level type. However, this provides us with good load bearing partitions upon which to rest the second story structure. In order to fulfill the expectations, the story must cover the right as well as the left part of the house. Outside, a substantial gable will bring some balance since the new volume is a bit more important on the right side. The use of acrylic compound combined with horizontal vinyl siding results in a new and pleasing look.
Renovation W5374 - After
Renovation W5374 - New level