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Dream the dream - we'll make it affordable!
Enjoy a 30% discount on your base plan set when you customize a Drummond House Plan!

Have you found a plan that would be perfect if you could just move or remove a wall, add another garage stall, enlarge the master bedroom, etc.? Actually, a great number of our customers do choose to personalize their house plan to fit their unique needs or building site conditions. We understand that part of the joy of a new home is adding your own personal touch, customizing it to meet your needs and circumstances.

Modifying or customizing your home plan is fast, convenient, and easy with Drummond House Plans. With this special limited time offer it is super affordable too!
For a limited time, we are offering a 30% discount on the base plan set when you use our professional modification service.
All of the plans on the Drummond House Plans site (5 or 8 set package) are included in this offer!
Our expert architectural professionals will work with you to make the changes you desire. By working with Drummond House Plans, you are dealing with the original creators and copyright holders of the design. We know our plan collection inside and out so if you have questions about an element in the design we are able to answer those questions for you, quickly and accurately. Plus, prior to modifying any plan, we provide a FREE estimate of the requested changes so you know what your cost will be before you begin!
Your changes will become part of your full set of working drawings. A complete, coordinated set of plans reduces the risk of construction errors due to miscommunication between yourself and your contractor and is invaluable for your peace of mind.
Ready to make your dream a reality? Call our helpful support staff at 1-800-567-5267 to discuss your project or complete our online checklist and receive your FREE cost estimate!

Learn more about the Drummond House Plans modification process. Options for modification are nearly endless, from simple (changing a door or window location, for example) to complex (increasing or decreasing the width or depth of a plan, rearranging rooms). Prices vary depending on the scope of modifications requested.
* This is a limited time offer and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Minimum value of modifications (before taxes) is $300. Discount is applicable to the basic plan set package only. Listed options (alternate foundation, right-read reverse, etc. are not included in modifications) Promotion is not available in Quebec and is subject to change or termination without notice.