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House photo W2711 - Bedroom
House photo W2711 - Kitchen
House photo W2711 - Stairs
House photo W2711 - Dining room
House photo W2711 - Sitting room
House plan W2711
Budget-Wise Cottage with European Charm

Are you searching for an affordable cottage for which the exterior look should really meet your specifications with regards to a certain style? Let’s take a look at this one.

Characterized by a simple 26’ X 26’ square in order to limit costs, this one proposes an overhang on the front fa├žade, thereby gaining a certain distinction. Arched white windows add to the overall look, while limiting costs.

Inside, spaces are all very acceptable for a house of this size and circulation well thought out. We especially notice the presence of a nice coat closet midway between the two entrances, the practical side of a walk-in type pantry in the kitchen, a square living room which will be easy to furnish, a master bedroom with double glass doors and a bathroom with corner bath and independent shower.

It’s for you to judge quality-price for this home of undeniable interior-exterior charm !
Plan W2711
House plan W2711 - 1st level
House plan W2711 - 2nd level