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The art of positioning oneself. Make a conscious choice.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a millenary Chinese science well-known and practiced in the Western world for the last 20 years or so. It allows us to determine the ideal location for a house, a room, an office, a lot or an exterior environment by means of orientation. It is a way to increase the circulation of energy in your environment.

The reason that motivates this step when building your house is not only for aesthetic reasons. The harmony created by a perfect Feng Shui will favour prosperity, health, and security as well as a chance for the residents of the house.

The realization of a Feng Shui arrangement starts right at the very beginning of your project. The plans for a house will be put together according to the values and principals of the customer.

1. Choosing the location of the building site

- The building location must be chosen according to the style of the house.
- Your choice must stop according to the best shaped streets of the borough.
- Following the above, you must consider the possible location of the lot in accordance with your life objectives.
- Your final choice will stop at the best quality of energy that surrounds it.

Feng Shui 01

2. Steps for the conception of the plan

- According to the size of the house.
- Choose the ideal site according to the circulation of energy that is present.
- Suggestions the location of doors and windows as well as the water.
- In collaboration with the architect the first rough sketch will be made according to his creativity.
- Then, modifications will be made to your sketches should it be necessary.

Feng Shui 02

3. Choice of colors

- According to the circulation of energy in each room of the house, colors will be suggested to you according to the principals of the 5 elements:

Feng Shui 03

4. The disposition of the furniture

- The disposition of the furniture will be done while considering each member of the family.

Feng Shui 04