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Information about our plans

--> What is included in our house plans?
Information about our plans Drummond House Plans include all the required information in order to succeed with your project:

All our plans include :
- 4 Elevations
- Foundation Plan
- Main Floor Plan
- Upper Floor Plans (if applicable)
- Roof Plan
- Truss Diagrams & Building Section
- Construction Details
- Typical Wall Section

All Drummond House Plans are unique and really complete in their information. The longitudinal or cross-section facilitates the understanding of your construction plan. The planning of the floor layouts and roofing include information such as the weight load of the columns, the beam dimensions, the right direction of the small beams, the location of the reinforced structures and the complete details of the roof. All of this relevant information will assure you a better and a more economical construction. Furthermore, all of our plans comply with the National Building Code norms in place at the time of their creation.

--> Our Construction Standards
Our plans conform to the standards as listed below:

- Poured Concrete Foundations w/3" rigid insulation
- Standard Joists or Engineered Floor Framing
- 2" x 6" insulated exterior walls
- Prefabricated Engineered Trusses w/insulation
- Structural Elements Included (Beams, Lintels, Posts)

Our plans specify the following Insulation types:

- Foundation: 3" rigid insulation installed on the interior
- Exterior Walls: 6" batt insulation + 1" rigid insulation (total R = 25)
- Roof (house): 12" batt insulation (R40) or blown insulation (+/-10")
- Roof (garage): 12" batt insulation (R40) or blown insulation (+/-10")

--> Building Permits and Special Local Considerations
It is a good idea to speak with your local building department before choosing your plan to ensure that it meets local building regulations (ridge height, allowable footprint, setbacks, etc.).

Drummond House Plans are designed to meet or exceed the National Building Code norms in place at the time of their creation. However, because of roof loads, wind loads and seismic data for your area, your local building department may also require special materials or certain engineering data before issuing a building permit.

We highly recommend that you speak with your building department to find out what the local requirements are before submitting your plans for building permits. At that time, if your building department requires additional information or engineering data, they will provide a written list of the specific items needed. We will gladly furnish your building department, and you, with the information and data requested. In addition, your local building department may require that plans bear the professional stamp of a licensed engineer for your area.

If an engineer's stamp is required, you need to buy: a reproducible set or a CAD file of the chosen Drummond house plan in order to have the plans stamped at your local level.

--> More about Engineering
Some areas also require soils and/or foundation engineering and energy (often called "heat-loss") calculations based on factors such as the amount of window glass -vs.- exterior wall surface areas, etc. Engineering for concrete foundations, local soils and geotechnical conditions, or for special energy or heat-loss calculations, is not provided by us. In order to have the plans stamped at your local level, or reviewed and adjusted to your special engineering needs, you need to buy: a reproducible set or a CAD file of the chosen Drummond house plan.