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--> The following are typical components found in a full set of Architectural Construction Drawings
Exterior Elevations (front, rear, left & right sides) should include:

  • Floor and ceiling heights
• Dimensions of standard windows
• Dimensions of roof overhangs
• Location of all needed flashings
• Height and location of foundation indicated in dashed lines
• Type of finishing and textures
• Dimension and height of chimney

Foundation plans should include:

  • All exterior and interior dimensions
• Thickness of foundation walls (if variable)
• All the structures needed to hold the first level, columns with load applications, beam sizes, variations in floor joists and their exact location
• Location of stairwell
• Location and sizes of windows
• Location and dimensions of footings (where applicable and required)

Floor plan(s) should include:

  • All interior and exterior dimensions
• Location and sizes of doors and windows
• Types of interior doors that correspond to a schedule
• Indication of the structure above (second floor or roof)
• Location of columns, beams and floor joists, including dimensions
• Indication of details that are available on other pages

Roof plans should include:

  • Location of all the different trusses needed
• The general overcharge of the roof compared to the floor footprint underneath
• Location of ridges and valleys

Building cross-section(s) and truss details should include:

  • All the different floor and ceiling heights
• Dimensions and design of trusses
• Dimensions and details of overhand
• Roof pitch on all truss sections

Construction details should include:

  • Roof sections
• Sections of concrete wall with wood connection
• Section of walls with particulars called out
• Section of concrete porch and connection with wood frame
• Foundation particulars in the garage entrance
• Components of certain types of walls (ex: between garage and living quarters)
• Etc...

Typical wall sections should include;

All the details and components needed in the construction of a house, including window section in a typical wall, connection between floor and exterior wall with their components, type of beam used.