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Plan W3717-V1 - Adèle 2
Bachelor basement, modern home design of 4 bedrooms

5 sets of blueprints
8 sets of blueprints
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Foundation type
Finished basement
53' 4" ft / 16 m
36' 4" ft / 10.9 m
Ridge height from top of foundation
30' 8" ft / 9.2 m
Exterior wall
2 X 6
Total living area
2421 sq.ft. / 217.89 sq.m.
592 sq.ft. / 53.28 sq.m.
1st level
993 sq.ft. / 89.37 sq.m.
2nd level
836 sq.ft. / 75.24 sq.m.
Full baths
Half baths
Garage type
One-car garage (369 sq.ft. / 33.21 sq.m.)
Living bonus space
Bonus storage
100 sq.ft. / 9 sq.m.
Commercial link
View room details : Basement »
Basement Bachelor basement, modern home design of 4 bedrooms - Adèle 2
1st level
View room details : 1st level »
1st level Bachelor basement, modern home design of 4 bedrooms - Adèle 2
2nd level
View room details : 2nd level »
2nd level Bachelor basement, modern home design of 4 bedrooms - Adèle 2
Plan Styles
Brightly lit, complete with a “bachelor” and a garage
The ever increasing demand for new homes that come complete with a revenue generating “bachelor” apartment, Drummond House Plans has created plan 3717-V1, an enlarged version of the original design, plan 3717, with new features that make it even more appealing.

Enhancements include an added one bedroom apartment and a garage complete with a mezzanine towards the back for storage.

Once inside the home, the ample windows throughout the living area offer exceptional natural light and in the kitchen which has been moved towards the front.

The 12’ x 16’ master bedrooms, with a walk in closet, as well as the generous sizes of the other bedrooms are elements that are sure to please. Other spectacular features of this home include a full bathroom with separate 3’ x 5’ shower and a laundry chute to the main floor.

The fire place in the living room with its built ins, the storage area at the service entrance from the garage and 40% of the basement space that the owners can use as best suits them are other practical features of this home.
Plan description
Distinctive elements
Legal Notices
This house plan is protected by Copyright Law.
Illustrations and photos may differ slightly from the plan that you will receive. They may include modifications to conform with new building codes, suit homeowners' preferences or site requirements.
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