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Building green


Even if ecology and economic energy are not part of our priorities, it is in everyone's interest to think about « green » in the construction of their house. It's common sense.

Green house Ecological, « green » or labels associated with durable development are now popular in all consumer markets and the construction domain is no exception. These concepts also have significant impact on the demand, to a point where many buyers from the housing market devote a good number of resources towards their development and promotion.

For example, the Canadian Mortgage & Lodging Society has put into place their Equilibrium Home. They are presently demonstrating « green » housing, built according to five (5) basic criteria: a sound house, durable, ecological, eco-energetic and less expensive to occupy and upkeep. In Quebec, the Provincial Association of Home Building Contractors (APCHQ) has also initiated a consultation process with its members to propose a procedure to follow in the construction of a « green » house.

The Conception of a « green » House
Architectural firms are the leaders in the development of this type of construction and for them the paths are as numerous as the customer's needs.

To clarify your choices for sound and eco-durable construction, the team at Drummond House Plans along with the contribution of Mr. Sylvain Charette, professional technologist for Drummond House Plans. He proposes a three part (3-part) report that will follow the drafting process of a « green » home model, taking into account the realities of his market and climate.

The house that will be used as the basis of this report is of contemporary style and was developed in collaboration with the students from an architectural technology class (original concept of Messrs. Michaël Akettia and Roderic Archambault-L) along with the participation of Mr. Denis Chamberland, Head Designer at Drummond House Plans.

In this first article, let's first of all, give a definition to the phrase « green construction » as well as a look at the elements to consider when you begin the first steps of your planning and the first meetings with your architectural designer. In the following articles, we discuss factors that must be respected throughout the realization of a « green » house.